“We still have people getting sick


“I’m sorry we can’t give you more definitive guidance yet,” Murphy said during his daily coronavirus press briefing in Trenton. “We still have people getting sick, going to the hospitals, and sadly more than 300 we’re reporting (today) have died. So with all due respect, this is the fight of our lives.”.

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“I’m both detective and mind reader, trying to find the right location. Where does the main character live? What kind of car would they drive? What bar do they go to after work? I need to find all the physical spaces for the film. It’s a lot of research and investigation, as well as shoe leather pounding the pavement and trying to get behind closed doors.

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A Cautionary TaleEvery now and then, I come across a “that was odd” moment. I was at Disneyland, attempting to make a trade with a stranger who had many pins in a multitude of binders. He didn’t particularly like any of the pins I had to trade, and suggested that I go buy a particular pin that he wanted, and that he would trade for the new pin.

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