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Exactly how much lies in our oceans is unknown. Available data suggest that about 300 million tons have entered the water since plastic went into mass production in the late 1940s, Maximenko said. (That’s comparable to more than 2 million blue whales, the largest animal ever known to have lived.) Every year, the worldwide total increases by about 8 to 10 million tons, with as much as 250,000 tons being microplastics that are smaller than a quarter inch the width of a pencil eraser..

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wholesale nfl jerseys Unfortunately, it’s not just evil cyber geniuses who are hoping to get a penny (or a few) out of Medicare’s deep pockets. Doctors, nursing homes, medical equipment providers and other health professionals may overbill Medicare on your behalf in hopes of turning a bigger profit. To make sure your health care providers aren’t taking advantage of the program you depend on, review your claims and notify Medicare if you see charges for equipment, procedures or treatments you didn’t receive, or if you notice anything else that seems suspicious.. wholesale nfl jerseys

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