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Visa Regulations and Requirements (From 1 July 2015, you can apply for a visa online via www.ecitizen.go.ke. Select the type of visa and read the instructions carefully. Please note that there are other scam sites like www.kenya-evisa-online.com that will charge you more for the visa. The Embassy will not be responsible for any unnecessary expenditure. Only apply through www.ecitizen.go.ke

Documents required for obtaining a visa at the Embassy in Bangkok:

1. A passport which allows the bearer to enter Kenya. The passport must be valid at least 6 months after return, and must contain at least two blank pages.

2. A visa application form duly completed and signed by the applicant.

3. Two recent passport-size photographs (to be stapled to the application form)

4. Proof of the intended visit, i.e a copy of the (electronic) ticket, a copy of invoice, an attestation from the travel agency, a letter from the employer or an invitation.

5. Copy of Work Permit for Non Thai applicants.

6. For transit visas, applicants are required to provide evidence of the onward trip.

7. Travellers arriving from countries where Yellow Fever is Present must have a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

8. Visa fees, to be paid in cash (prepare exact amount)
(Children under the age of 16 years are exempted from paying visa fees)
Single: 1,700 Baht
Transit: 700 Baht
Referral Visa fee: 350 Baht
Multiple Entry (upon approval): 3,400 Baht
East African Visa: 3400 Baht

9. Applicants travelling to Kenya for work:
Applicants travelling to Kenya for the purpose of working there (as employee or self employed) or for study must have an immigration permit before applying for the visa. The permit is issued by:

The Director of Immigration Services
Nyayo House, Kenyatta Avenue
P.O Box 30191, Nairobi
Tel: +254-20-2222022, Fax: +254-20-2220731
Email: info@immigration.go.ke

The following categories of persons are classified as prohibited Immigrants in Kenya and accordingly shall not be issued with visas or permitted to enter Kenya:
• Any persons incapable of supporting himself/herself or his/her accompanying dependants in Kenya.
• Any person suffering from a mental disorder or being a mental defective.
• Any person who refused to submit to medical examination on arrival when required to do so by an Immigration Officer in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration Act. Any person certified by a medical practitioner to be suffering from a disease, which shall make his/her presence in Kenya undesirable on medical grounds.
• Any person who, not having received a free pardon has been convicted in any country including Kenya, of murder, or of any offence for which a sentence of imprisonment has been passed for any term and who, by reasons of such conviction and imprisonment is considered to be an undesirable immigrant.
• Any person whose entry and presence in Kenya is deemed by the Minister to be contrary to national interests, including persons suspected to be involved with or sympathetic to terrorist groups.
• Any prostitute or person living on or receiving or who has lived on or received the proceeds of prostitution.
• Any person in respect of whom there is in force an order directing him/her to remain out of Kenya.
• Any dependants of the persons mentioned in the foregoing categories and classes.
• Any person who is involved or suspected to be involved in illicit trafficking
and trade in narcotics.
• Any person or groups of persons who are involved or suspected to be
involved in human trafficking.
• Any person involved or suspected to be involved in illicit arms trade.
• Any person involved or suspected to be involved in money laundering.

Visa Information

Categories of Visas

1. Ordinary/Singe Entry Visa: Required by all persons intending to enter Kenya for visits or residency. The current standard visa fee for an ordinary or a Single Journey entry visa is 1,500 Thai baht.

2. Multiple Journey Visa: All persons who are nationals of countries which require visas for Kenya and who by nature of their business or circumstances require to make frequent visits to Kenya may be issued with a Multiple Journey Visa for Kenya within six (6) or twelve (12) months as the case may be. Multiple Journey Visas are referred to the Principal Immigration Office for processing and approval, and are valid for six (6) and twelve (12) months as the case may be. 

3. Referral Visa- This type of visa will be sent to Nairobi for approval. The cost is US $10 for sending plus 1,600 Thai baht for visa charge. (For countries that require referral visas, click here)

4. Diplomatic Visa: Issued gratis to holders of Diplomatic Passports on official business.

5. Official/Service Visa: Official, Service, Ordinary/Transit Visas are issued gratis to holders of Official or Service passports on official visits

6. Transit Visa: Required by all persons intending to transit trough Kenya for periods not exceeding Three days. The transit visa fee is 600 Thai Baht.

7. Courtesy Visas: Courtesy, Transit and Ordinary Visas may be issued gratis in accordance with the Provisions of categories 1, 2 and 3 of the Visa Regulations, where the applicant is not entitled to a Diplomatic Visa, but where it is considered by the issuing officer to be desirable on the grounds of international courtesy.

Citizens of the following countries DO NOT require visas to enter Kenya

Barbados, Fiji Island, Malaysia (For less than 30 days stay, Samoa, St.Lucia, Uganda , Belize, Ghana, Maldives, Sierra Leone, St.Kitts and Nevis, Zambia, Botswana, Grenada, Mauritius, Singapore, Swaziland, Mauritius , Brunei, Darussalam, Jamaica, Namibia, South Africa (For less than 30 days stay), Tanzania, Namibia, Burundi, Kiribati, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Seychelles,Tanzania , Cyprus, Lesotho, Papua New Guinea, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad, Tobago Dominica, Malawi, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Vanuatu The Bahamas, Tonga, Tuvalu

In addition the following DO NOT require visas to enter Kenya

♦ All persons endorsed with valid Kenya re-entry passes or any other written authority in lieu of a re-entry pass.
♦ All passengers arriving and leaving by the same ship, and who do not leave the ship.
♦ All passengers in transit through Kenya arriving and leaving by the same aircraft or transferring to another aircraft and who do not leave the international transit lounges at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or Moi International Airport in Mombasa.
♦ Holders of United Nations Organization Laissez-passers whilst on official UN business.
♦ Holders of African Union Laissez-passers whilst on official AU business.
♦ Holders of African Development Bank Laissez-passers whilst on official ADB business.
♦ Holders of Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa Laissez-passers, whilst on official ABEDA business.
♦ Holders of International Red Locust Control Organization for Central and Southern Africa Laissez-passers, whilst on official IRLCO business.
♦ Holders of COMESA Laissez-passers, whilst on official COMESA business.
♦ The manifested crew of ships and aircraft passing through or stopping in Kenya for periods not exceeding seven (7)days in the case of air crew and fourteen (14)days for ships crew.
♦ Owners of private aircraft stopping over for refueling in Kenya and who do not leave the precincts of the airport.



North Korea
b) Nationals of the following countries who are holders of Diplomatic and official Civil Servants with “Ordre de Mission” can be issued with Visas on application.
i) Cameroon
iii) Senegal
c) Applicants against whom there is some local objections or doubt in the country where the application is made.
d) Stateless persons or persons not holding valid passports or other travel documents issued by their own country of nationality, including recognized refugee holders of the United Nations Refugee Travel Documents.
e) Prohibited immigrants as enumerated under Chapter I, paragraph ‘E’ of the Visa Regulations.
f) Persons who intend to enter Kenya as immigrants but have not applied for and obtained entry permits or passes from the Principal Immigration Officer, Nairobi.


Renewal/Extension of Passports
Issuance of Certificates of Good Conduct 
Consular Assistance in case of arrest
Assistance in case of distress
Authentification of Kenyan documents
Change of Name
Assistance in issuance of birth certificates for Kenyans
Working hours
Mondays to Thursdays : 9.00am – 1.00pm and 2.00pm – 5.00pm.

Fridays : 8.00am to 1.00pm.

Consular Section

Mondays to Thursday : 10.00 am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm – 4.30pm 

Friday : 9.00am – 12.30pm

Renewal/Extension of Passports

An application for renewal is done by filling the prescribed specimen form (Form PP1).
Passports are not normally renewed until they are within a period of nine months from the date of expiry.
Since the government is phasing out the old generation passports, all Kenyans who have passport that are due to expire in their first 5 year period should apply for a new passport at the Embassy. There is no more extension of the validity of the older generation passports.

• 3 Photos (2.5 inches by 2 inches)
• 2 Copies of old passport including photo page, the applicants Bio data page (File No. R………..), visa page and permit to stay page (if any)
• 1 Copy of Kenyan ID Card & Birth certificate
• 1 Copy of the recommender passport

Additional documents, in case of Lost Passport
• Police Report
• 2 Declaration forms (1 original & 1 copy with carbon ink)
• Affidavit from Lawyer

Additional documents for children
• Birth certificate of children (in English)
• Marriage certificate (in English)
• Passport copies of father and mother
• Recommendation letter
• Parental Consent form

Prescribed fee for Kenyan Passports.
Ordinary (‘A’ Series 32 pages) Passport 1,500 baht
Ordinary (‘B’ Series 48 pages) Passport at 1,970 baht
Ordinary (64 pages) Passport 2,460 baht
Diplomatic (‘D’ Series 48 pages) Passport at 1,985 baht
East African Passport 310 baht
Replacement of valid mutilated Passport 3,300 baht
Replacement of Lost Passport 4,000 baht
Emergency Travel Document 700 baht

NOTE: Passport with an observation should not be renewed without prior reference to passport control officer and requirements met.
Geographical Limitations (Addition of Countries): When a geographical limitation is put on a passport and the holder applies for addition of countries, the Immigration Officer must satisfy her/himself that the reasons for geographical limitations are no longer applicable before authorizing addition of countries. Application for geographic extension should be made on the form PP5.

– Clear photos-they should not be blurred nor have a dark hue, facial features should be clearly outlined.
– Photos with full face and both ears showing
– Photos taken against a white background.
– The size of the face should be 2.5 inches by 2 inches.
– Weaves and hair should not cover the forehead or the rest of the face.
– Decent photos-ladies should not be wearing strappy or strapless tops.
– Attach at least 3 photos.
– Photos should be without shadows in the background
– Photos in which the applicant is not smiling or laughing.
– Photos should be taken without spectacles
– All photos should be recent, taken at most 3 months prior to time of passport application. Photos used in the previous passport are therefore not acceptable.

New passport application form 19 (Click here)

Other Services for Kenyans

1. Certificate of Good Conduct
2. In Case of Arrest
3. Assistance incase of distress
4. Authentification of Kenyan documents (Please note that this process can take up to a month since documents can only be authenticated after we have verified them by contacting the issurer. Urgent requests due to various reasons, for instance expiring visas, will therefore not be honoured because requests should have been submitted well in advance.)
5. Change of Name
6. Assist in issuance of birth certificates for Kenyans
An application can only be made by persons who qualify for citizenship by descent.
The following documents are required to process the birth certificate of Kenyan citizens born abroad.
Two (2) application forms (BDA) duly filled
Copy of the fathers passport
Copy of mothers passport
Notification of Birth issued by the civil authorities or the hospital (Accompanied by two copies translated into English)
Two (2) copies of marriage certificate translated into English or international marriage certificate (if legally married)
Processing fee of baht 500 is paid in cash.
Registered self-addressed, stamped envelop
Processing time- may take 3 months or more.
Further details can be obtained at:
The Office of the Principal Civil Registrar
PO Box 49179 Nairobi
Tel: +254 20 227461
Registration of Births Form BDA 1

Where a person has a changed his/her name, documentary evidence to support change must be produced, for example a marriage certificate, a properly executed Deed Poll or a divorce certificate/decree.

To obtain a replacement of the birth, marriage or death certificate
A search form must be completed and returned together with a fee of baht 500.
A copy of the certificate to ease reference
Registered self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Processing time – may take 3 months or more.
Further details can be obtained from:
The Office of the Principal Civil Registrar
PO Box 49179 Nairobi
Tel: +254 20 227461


Registration is a free service provided by the Kenya Embassy in Bangkok for citizens who are travelling and living in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia or Lao PDR.
Registration allows us to have information about your residence, studies or travel. It also enables us to build a skills database on citizens training abroad.
Why Should I Register?
Millions of Kenyans who travel or reside abroad face many difficulties. However, Kenya embassies and consulates assist persons, who are victims of distress, crime, accident, illness, or whose family and friends need to contact them in emergency. When an emergency happens, or if disaster, terrorism or civil unrest strikes during your stay abroad the embassy or consulate can be your source of assistance or information.
Consular officers notarise documents, issue passports, and register children born abroad. Although consular officers cannot act as your legal counsel or representative, they can provide contacts of local lawyers and doctors.

Registration is voluntary and costs nothing; it should be a big part of your residence and travel plans.
Registration is NOT considered proof of Kenyan citizenship. If you apply for any consular services, you may be asked by the consular staff to provide proof of citizenship such as passport or identity card.
How Will The Information Be Used?
The Embassy of Kenya is committed to ensuring that any personal information received pursuant to the registration process, whether in person or otherwise, is safeguarded against unauthorised disclosure.
The data that you provide is subject to the provisions of the Official Secrets Act. This means that the information will not be disclosed to any third party unless you have given us written permission to do so, or unless the disclosure is otherwise needed to assist in the evacuation or provision of emergency service, law enforcement, administrative purposes, or pursuant to a court order.
While this Internet site uses secure encryption to safeguard your privacy and therefore any unauthorised interception by third parties of the information you send via the Internet is unlikely, please keep in mind that the Embassy of Kenya is not responsible for such interception.

Click here to register Link: http://diasporaportal.eurocom.co.ke/


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